Limited Funds for an #AuthorVisit?


Often schools think they cannot afford to bring an author or illustrator to their school. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity! Check-out this school visit success story – Elise had a favorite author, Dori Hillestad Butler, whom she wanted to invite to her school. To see how she made her dream come true, click here.

For funding and grant resources ideas, click here. One of our favorites is Target, their $2,000 grants can be used for author visits.  Their grant application opens in the spring, awards are made in the fall each year.  Join our mailing list and we will send a note out in the spring when the application process opens.

Another great way to bring an author/illustrator to your school for a reasonable fee is to check their schedule and see when they will be in your area.  Often, they offer special discounts and travel expenses can be split between schools – which can bring the cost down for everyone.

Contact us today to bring an author/illustrator to your school!


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