There’s a First Time for Everything! #AlkiMiddleSchool

I LOVE school visits. I love everything about them – contracts, coordinating, all the arrangements.  Guess what?! I have never, ever actually done a school visit.  I am not, after all, a book author! I have coordinated hundreds of school visits – all around the world.  I have never actually presented at a school myself.

Today is a first…Provato Marketing is visiting a school! It is Career Day at Alki Middle School here in Vancouver.  My first school visit. Four 20-minute presentations about what I do and what it means to be a small business owner. I work with some of the most amazing authors and small businesses.  My job is tons of fun, hopefully I can get middle schoolers excited about what I do.

I will be putting all the things I have been coordinating for years into practice today.  And for fun – my daughter is an 8th grader at this school – so I have the potential of embarrassing her terribly.  Wait, this could really be fun!

Watch for updates on Twitter!!


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