What I Learned from Career Day at #AlkiMiddleSchool

First of all, I was very impressed with how organized Career Day was and my AVID hosts were very kind and professional. What a fun way to spend a morning! I was amazed by the number of professionals who volunteered their time to present to students.

What I learned:

  • It pays to be prepared. Glad I had a Keynote slide show ready.
  • The school’s internet is iron-clad! So safe, visitors cannot log-in and project from an iPad (or send text messages or emails). This added a unique level of stress to the 15-minutes before my first presentation.
  • ELMO overhead projection systems are a wonderful thing. I was able to project my iPad slides via ELMO. Maybe not as pretty as a direct connection, but a lifesaver overall. (Thank you, ELMO!!)
  • Staff members at Alki are professional and helpful.
  • Bringing a jar of Smarties was a great idea.
  • Presenting something you are passionate about can be great fun.

Thank you, Alki Middle School!!


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