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Diane Lee (Hipp)

As a children’s author and curriculum developer, my favorite thing about school visits is engaging with the students on the topics I write about. The topics I have explored are conflict resolution, self esteem and anti-bullying. The students and I explore the issues they deal with in their world and discuss various choices to handle situations with their friends and siblings. When sharing my book dealing with self esteem we share what we are proud about in ourselves. When sharing the story on anti-bullying we practice how to stand up for ourselves and who to go to for help if the situation escalates. I enjoy exploring the tools and process of creating a story and encourage all students to explore the world of writing.

I am also a certified Yoga instructor and begin my sessions with some mindful breathing to clear the brain and prepare the students for an interactive session together. We talk about the importance of pausing, breathing and thinking about the choices we have when facing issues with our friends and siblings. In a world filled with social media it is critical children to learn the importance and practice mindfulness when navigating in their world.

About Diane Lee (Hipp)

Diane Lee is the co-author of the internationally acclaimed Conflict Resolution curriculum KELSO’S CHOICE and the “NEW” 2012 BUILDING CHARACTER WITH KELSO. She is a National Certified Prevention Specialist and International Prevention Trainer. Diane has delivered hundreds of trainings across the world at professional conferences, at community forums and in elementary, middle and high schools.

DianCover Image with Seale is an award winning children’s author. Her book Stuart the Donkey…a Tail of His Tail won USA’S 2010 Children’s Fiction book of the year and International Children’s Book of the Year. Stuart the donkey was inspired by events that took place in a grassy field beneath the shadows of the Bitterroot Mountains near the author’s home in Montana. Stuart, a shy and cautious donkey and his mother spent the summer months basking in the long sun filled warm days in the field amongst young playful mules and their mothers. During those months a new world opened to Stuart as he learns valuable lessons from his wise and caring friend Freckles the fawn. Diane’s second book in this self-help series deals with Bullying Prevention and is titled Hermis and Howard…A Bully Finds His Heart. 2012 Teacher’ Choice committee highly recommended this book. The following are just a few of their comments:

Final Cover with drop for web site“I used this book as a whole teaching unit, to give students a better understanding of how bullies make others feel.”She believes that positive youth development is the key to healthy and happy successful youth.

“Yes, I would recommend this book to other teachers because it is easily adaptable to any grade level and it teaches an important topic that most teachers cover at the beginning of the year. It could also be used during the year if a bullying situation were to arise.”

???????????????????????????????Diane offers dynamic engaging author visits for Elementary Schools. She uses puppets to help her act out her stories. She was a featured author at the Northwest Festival of the Book in Missoula Montana. She leads workshops for students, teachers, community organizers and other related health professionals. She has also facilitated numerous workshops dealing with a variety of positive youth development and community health issues.

Diane is a certified Yoga Instructor and focuses on Yoga for Children. She incorporates mindfulness into her school author visits to get the children centered and ready to listen. She offers a combination author presentation and yoga session for your students.

Diane dedicates her life to identifying and building the potential in others. Diane spends hours hiking, observing, photographing and taking note of the many lessons nature has to offer. Her stories capture the essence of the moment in hopes that the reader gains an appreciation of the natural world. Her greatest joy comes from exploring with her six grandchildren who call her Meema.

Inspire students, bring Diane to your school! To schedule a visit, click here.


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