#Author @deblund on What Got Her Excited About Reading

Author Deb LunddebALA
What was the first book that you read that got you excited about reading?

Passion is contagious, and it’s so obviously so when it comes to spreading the love of reading. I was read to a lot by my mom when I was little. Books, magazines, poetry, everything… She recited Mother Goose so much to us when we were toddlers, that as adults at a large baby shower, my mom, sister, and I (working separately) had the highest scores in a timed fill-in-the-blank nursery rhyme game.

My mom showed us her passion for reading. She would barely know we were there when she was reading, which was annoying at times, but also intriguing. About the time I was making my way through a few early Dr. Seuss books, Miss Jacobson, our school librarian, read Winnie the Pooh to my class of first graders. I remember exactly where I sat on the floor and exactly what I was thinking. She must really think we’re smart because she’s reading such a difficult book to us. I felt respected and honored, and when I became a teacher and school librarian, I never forgot how that moment felt and I have tried to always treat students with that level of expectation and trust.

Mrs. Enney, my fifth-grade teacher, introduced me to my favorites as a ten year old. My Side of the Mountain and A Wrinkle in Time were also favorites of my own fifth grade students many years later (passion passed on again). Mrs. Enney was also instrumental in me becoming a writer. My first publishing credit happened that year, a rhyming poem, “Happiness Is…,” that she sent to a publisher that created books of student writing. I rediscovered that book in a school library where I worked, and since it was extremely outdated and needed to be weeded from the collection, it’s again in my possession, reminding me who I was, where I’ve been, and how the passion of others got me to where I am today. Passion is contagious. Read. Model reading. Talk about books. Share your passions. Oh, and thank someone whose passion inspired yours.

About Deb Lund
Author, writing teacher, and creativity coach Deb Lund is on a mission to get everyone claiming their creativity. Deb dabbles in many genres, but is most known for her bestselling picture books Dinosailors, All Aboard the Dinotrain, and Dinosoaring, ​illustrated by Howard Fine. You can learn more about Deb at www.deblund.com.

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