Author/Illustrator @Knitsweet (Michelle Edwards) on #Reading #Writing AND #Illustrating

Michelle Edwards

What was the first book that you read that got you excited about reading?
The Cat in The Hat by Dr. Seuss. I loved the language; the fun of reading it. I still do. As a kid, I would read it aloud with great expression to whoever would listen. Often that was my little brother.

What is your favorite thing about writing and illustrating?
My favorite thing about writing and illustrating is the shaping of what might be just a breath of an image, a character, or an idea, into story. My next favorite things are the tools I get to use. I love materials; pencils, brushes, paper, and pens. And more.

maxAbout Michelle Edwards
Michelle Edwards is an author/illustrator of many award-winning children’s books including CHICKEN MAN and STINKY STERN FOREVER, and MAX MAKES A CAKE as well as an adult title, A KNITTER’S HOME COMPANION. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys talking about stories, pictures and process in schools throughout the US and beyond. Her newest book, A HAT FOR MRS. GOLDMAN: A STORY OF LOVE AND KNITTING will be  available Fall 2016. To keep in touch with Michelle, visit her website, “Like” her on Facebook . Follow her blog and sign up for her newsletter.



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