Author/Illustrator @Knitsweet (Michelle Edwards) on Writing for Kids and Supporting Teachers

Michelle Edwards

Why do you write for kids?

I write for kids because of the books I loved as a child and have continued to love as an adult. Books open up my world.  So it’s both a great honor and enormously rewarding to reach out and offer my stories and pictures and characters to the young, and, to the not so young, who read to and with them.

How do you support teachers?

I support teachers by writing books that relate to children’s needs, questions, and interests. My books tell everyday stories about school children of diverse backgrounds [PA LIA’S FIRST DAY ], about communities and neighborhoods dealing with births and deaths [STINKY STERN FOREVER, ROOM FOR THE BABY], about small victories [ MAX MAKES A CAKE, HANUKKAH TRIKE], about chickens and life on a kibbutz, [ CHICKEN MAN ] and even about letterpress printing a book [DORA’S BOOK]. All my stories have classroom applications, many have teachers and reader’s guides available on my website. I hear from teachers that the JACKSON FRIENDS,  my deeply illustrated early chapter book series, are the first books their more reluctant readers tackle on their own. It has been also been suggested to me by a reading specialist that A KNITTER’S HOME COMPANION, my adult book, contains relevant mentor texts for older readers.

maxAbout Michelle Edwards
Michelle Edwards is an author/illustrator of many award-winning children’s books including CHICKEN MAN and STINKY STERN FOREVER, and MAX MAKES A CAKE as well as an adult title, A KNITTER’S HOME COMPANION. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys talking about stories, pictures and process in schools throughout the US and beyond. Her newest book, A HAT FOR MRS. GOLDMAN: A STORY OF LOVE AND KNITTING will be  available Fall 2016. To keep in touch with Michelle, visit her website, “Like” her on Facebook . Follow her blog and sign up for her newsletter.


Watch for Michelle’s posting on Guest Author Tuesday next week!!


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