@maureenmcquerry Most Memorable #AuthorVisit & #InspirationalTeacher

quoteresizedAuthor Maureen McQuerry

Most memorable school visit: Jefferson Jr. High in Napierville, Illinois, created the world of my books! The students decorated hallways with scenes from the novels. I felt like I was stepping into my stories! Their favorite quotes were hung on the walls and I’ve attached a picture of one. They created an entire menu with real food from a fictional 1888 based on The Peculiars. A life sized Scrabble board for Beyond the Door filled the entryway.

Teacher who encouraged me: Mr. Graby read poetry with me during recess.

TimeOutofTime2_CVAbout Maureen McQuerry
Maureen divides her time between writing, teaching and presenting. Her YA novel, The Peculiars (Abrams/Amulet 2012) is an ALA Best Book for Young Adult Readers 2013, Bank Street and Horne Book recommended book, and a winner of the Westchester Award. Beyond the Door (Abrams/Amulet) the first in the Time Out of Time duet, is a Booklist top Ten Fantasy/SciFi for Youth.  The adventure continues in this spring in the The Telling Stone (Amulet, May 15, 2015). Maureen has taught writing to children and adults, loves giving author talks in schools and at conferences.  When she’s not writing or reading, she’s hiking, biking or traveling and always hoping for a real life mystery or adventure.

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