@AKLibraryAssoc @DoDEA #Author @Dorihbutler would LOVE to Visit!

haunted library 3Author Dori Hillestad Butler

If you could pick a place, where in the world would you LOVE to do a school visit either in person or via Skype??

I would LOVE to visit a school overseas. Or a school in Alaska.

Where is the most surprising place you have gone for a school visit?

I’m not sure I’ve gone anywhere that was particularly surprising. Unless you count the first couple of times I was invited to schools that were far enough away that I had to hop on a plane to get there? It was a pleasant surprise that schools that far away not only knew who I was, but they were willing to pay expenses to bring me so far.

Dori-450x450-300dpi-ColorDori Hillestad Butler is an award-winning author who is eager to share her love of story with readers of all ages. She is the author of more than 40 books for children, including the Haunted Library series and the Buddy Files series. Her books have been on children’s choice and teen award lists in 19 states. The Buddy Files #1: Case of the Lost Boy won the 2011 Edgar Award for best juvenile mystery. Dori grew up in southern Minnesota, spent the last 19 years in Iowa, and now lives in the Seattle area. She is on a quest to do an author visit in all 50 states. If she hasn’t visited your state yet, you may be eligible for a discount. For more information visit www.kidswriter.com.


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