Who is your favorite character #ReneeRiva?

renee_rivaAuthor Renee Riva

Who is your favorite character from your book and why?
My favorite character is nine year old  AJ in AJ’S   Ireland, because even though she annoys her big  sister constantly, she is funny and has hoodspa (spunk) and a good heart.

Who is your least favorite character from your book and why?
AJ’s  big sister Adriana because she is a typical snotty teenager.

About Renee Riva
Renee Riva has been writing ever since she won her first writing contest in the second grade. She combines her memories of a happy childhood, growing up in a big Italian family, and adds a big dose of gentle humor to delight the hearts of young readers. Renee has published two children’s picture books with Waterbook/Random House: Izzy the Lizzy and Guido’s Gondola. Two elementary level chapter books: AJ’s Ireland and Farley’s Five and Dime, a family trilogy published by David C. Cook: Saving Sailor, Taking Tuscany, and Heading Home, and a fun comedy on Mount Rainier: Happy CamperBefore becoming an author, Renee wrote for Madison Park Greeting Cards as an in-house contributing editor. Her articles have appeared in Our Family Magazine and Guideposts. Renee is a touring author for small rural schools in Eastern Washington and visits local book clubs who read her stories. Her website is www.reneeriva.com and she can be contacted through Provato Events.


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