An Interview With @teresafunke

Teresa_Funke Red ColorInterview with Teresa Funke

What is your favorite thing about school visits?
Absolutely it’s about meeting the kids and hoping to spark a love of reading, writing, and history in them. My favorite comments are things like, “I thought history was boring until you came” or “I thought I was a bad writer until you looked at my work.”  Seeing kids light up when they get to help me create a story or share their own work is priceless. And answering their questions in my best, most honest way is truly magical.

When are you most creative?
When I’m not near a pen or pencil or a computer. You know, like when I’m in the shower or going on a long walk or driving in rush hour traffic. I have to keep repeating the first lines of a story or essay to myself over and over so I don’t lose it. It’s maddening, but in a wonderful way.

What book are you currently reading?
I just finished a YA book called “I’ll Give You the Sun,” which came highly recommended. I’m about to start an adult novel, “Cutting for Stone,” which my mother has been begging me to read.

Lots of students are gearing up for spring break, do you have any book recommendations?
If it’s a long, lazy spring break with lots of quiet hours to read, try a book like “I am David” or “The Art of Keeping Cool” or “Rose Under Fire.”  You’ll sink into those stories and learn a bit about history and the world. If it’s a mad-dash kind of spring break, and you can only snatch moments to read, try an action-packed book like “The Hunger Games” or “The Maze Runner.”


H-F Book Bundle imageTeresa R. Funke is an author, speaker, and nationwide writer’s coach. She has written six award-winning works of fiction, including her multi-cultural, middle-grade series, The Home-Front Heroes, based on true stories from World War II. You can learn more about Teresa’s books and her work with schools at:


One thought on “An Interview With @teresafunke

  1. Hello Mrs. Funke This is Darci Parks, I’ve talked to you before about my autobiography that I have started, well I still want to do that but first I turned it in a blog, it’s Called ” My life through my eyes” if you could just take a peak at it and tell me what you think that would be awesome! I really want to make this a good read for people, so any advice from a Professional would be awesome, 🙂 thank you


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