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What is your favorite thing about school visits?
Creating with kids! Whenever I can, I like to conduct writing workshops with students rather than just doing a straight author presentation, because you can’t learn about all the things that go into writing without actually doing it. It’s like going to a restaurant and not eating. I like to lead writing exercises, showing students how to put into practice some of the same techniques that professional writers employ as we plot our own books. My favorite part of our interactive sessions is getting to see young writers blossom. Many times, students sell themselves short. They don’t realize all that they are capable of. They think writing comes easily. It doesn’t. They think we always know what we are doing. We don’t. Also, they are so used to writing assignments and following directions that often, writing has become a chore. It’s not fun for them, and above all, writing should be fun. So if I can spark their confidence, fuel their imaginations, and inspire them to express themselves the way they want to, then it’s been a worthwhile visit.
When are you most creative?
Usually, when I am not trying! I tend to get a lot of ideas just lying in bed or doing something I enjoy, like taking a walk. These are the times when ideas flow freely through my brain and I can play the ‘what if … ‘ game. If I get stuck on a plot line, I will walk away from the computer and find a spot to relax. I let my mind wander, thinking of all of the directions the story could take and inevitably, I will come up with the solution to the problem I was facing in the book. 
What book are you currently reading?
I have just started reading Katherine Grace Bond’s novel, The Summer of No Regrets.
Lots of students are gearing up for spring break, do you have any book recommendations?
I love the Goddess Girls and Heroes in Training series’ by Suzanne Williams and Joan Holub. The stories are well written, clever, and infused with humor. For inspiration, I’d highly recommend Laurie Thompson’s Be a Changemaker. This is a great step-by-step guide for kids, who want to start their own business or make a positive impact in their community.

StealingPopularCoverAbout Trudi Trueit
Trudi Trueit knew she’d found her life’s passion after writing (and directing) her first play in the fourth grade. Since then, she’s been a newspaper journalist, television news reporter and anchor, and freelance writer, but her favorite career is what she does now—writing for kids and tweens. She’s published nearly 100 fiction and nonfiction titles for young readers, including The Sister Solution, Stealing Popular (Aladdin MIX) and the Secrets of a Lab Rat series (Aladdin). Visit her website at Follow her on Facebook. Find out about her Skype visits here.


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