#GuestAuthorTuesday with @deblund- Talking #SchoolVisits & More

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For Guest Author Tuesday – We Welcome Deb Lund

What is your favorite thing about school visits?

I love entertaining and inspiring kids to write, and I’m especially tickled when I hear I’ve inspired teachers in their teaching of writing. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a teacher than a writer, and it all comes together during school visits. After all my years of teaching, when I get back in front of kids, there’s always a feeling of coming home. Is there anything more satisfying than making a difference in the lives of children?

When are you most creative?

Wow. If I knew that, I bet my creativity would be exponentially higher!  That’s a great question, and I’m going to start giving it more attention! Many people might give answers like, “in the morning,” but for me, creativity can hit at any point in time. Sometimes an idea flits through my head and I drop everything to chase after it. These moments often hit me when I’m far too busy and have too much on my plate, but they’re such a yummy distraction, I can’t resist!

Whenever those moments arrive for you, I hope you’ll be able to grab them. I got to talk to “Blondie & the Brit” recently about creativity. To listen to that interview on their “Writing, Publishing, & Beyond” podcast – Click Here.

What book are you currently reading?

I tend to read like I write, working on multiple books at once. That way I can go with what appeals to me at the moment. The books and the writing I choose from are usually very different from each other. For instance, I just finished an adult novel, The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman and I just started Delancey, but I’m also reading This Gulf of Fire: The Destruction of Lisbon or Apocalypse in the Age of Science and Reason by Mark Molesky. I selected that book mainly to research the world-changing Lisbon earthquake of 1755, but I’ve been surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. The upper middle-grade historical fantasy I’m working on takes place in Portugal seven years after the earthquake, and I’m making the factual part of the story as realistic as I can (which meant a trip to Portugal, of course!). I’m thinking of this novel as Harry Potter meets The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe during Portugal’s Age of Sail. I’m excited about this story and can’t wait to get it out there!

If you’d like to learn more about Deb, visit her at http://deblund.com. And if you’re one of the next ten schools to book a visit with her, you’ll get a $450 discount!


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