#FridayFun #BlogTours #KidLit – Why Participate??


The Scoop on Blog Tours

If you are on social media – you’ve seen blog tours. If you blog, if you love books, if you have favorite authors – you really should participate!  Here’s why…

  • Blog tours drive traffic. Blog tours are a great marketing tool for everyone. For authors, they can generate far more traffic than in store book signings. For bloggers, it is a chance to broaden your audience by driving traffic to your site.
  • Content. Let’s face it, coming up fresh content 7-days a week can be daunting.
  • Books. Participating in a blog tour can give you access to books before the release date. Many authors and publishers are happy to send additional books to participating bloggers for give-aways. Be sure to ask!
  • Access. For anyone who loves to read, this should be the number one reason you participate. For schools, librarians and students – you can actually interview your favorite authors. Normally, you can participate in a blog tour by reviewing a book, interviewing the author or having the author write a guest posting for your site – or any combination of those. This is a great opportunity for reading groups!
  • No cost. Other than your time, there is no cost to participants.
  • Lasting exposure. Blog tours are a win win for bloggers and authors. Unlike a in person book readings or signings, blog tours can continue to work their magic long after the tour ends.

Interested in participating in tours? It’s easy, just reach out to your favorite authors. Or, search the web for tours that interest you and contact one of the participating bloggers or the coordinator. Easier still, contact us today – we run several blog tours a year!

Check Deborah Hopkinson’s Upcoming #DiveBlogTour

Check Sharon Mentyka’s Upcoming #ChasingBlogTour


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