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Happy Friday! We asked some of our favorite authors why author visits are important and their favorite thing about visits. Here are their answers.

snow-dayNatasha Wing

My favorite thing about author visits is seeing the projects that classrooms made inspired by my books. So clever!

TrudiStealPopCanvas2Trudi Trueit

Author/illustrators visits are important because children need to know they are unique and remarkable, their creative expressions are valuable, and that they can change the world. My favorite thing about visits is writing with students. I love watching them unlock their own potential. When we write together they discover they have something to say and that their voice matters. What could be better than that?

nubsMary Nethery

Author visits can be miraculous, empowering children to believe in themselves and their kindness, and to make a difference in the world right now, as children.

50states-coloradoJane Kurtz

It’s useful and energizing for kids to rub elbows with people who actually choose to write and who have a fierce passion for writing—with people who choose to do something that rarely makes a lot of money but is a deep and meaningful way to live—with people who fail constantly but pick themselves up and keep going and growing.


chickens-christmas-coverJanet Lee Carey

I love my school visits from the moment I set foot in the hallways and see the colorful artwork on the walls. Setting up can be iffy.  My hat’s off to the masterful tech helper who always comes to my aid, handling all my last-minute tech fiascos. Once all the students, teachers, and librarians have gathered, I can feel the energy filling the room. We come together to celebrate the power of story: the ways it connects us, changes us, and helps build cultural bridges. And if I do my job, the children leave inspired to tell their own stories because every experience can be a story seed and every kid counts.

libertyKirby Larson

My favorite thing about school visits is the question from the kid that none of the teachers thought would ask a question. It’s almost always something that makes me (a) think and (b) rejoice that I’m a writer!

crop_dcb300dpiTeresa Funke

Author visits are important because authors inspire students when: we share with them the amount of rejection we’ve received and how we have to persevere; we tell them that NOTHING we write ever comes out right the first time and revision is important; we let them know that every one of them has a voice and, if they choose to exercise it through their writing, they can make a big different in our world.

Contact us today to schedule a great author visit at your school!


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