An Interview with Author @barbaraoconnor Plus a #MustSee #Wish Video #SaturdayMorning

Author Barbara O’Connor

What do you miss most about being 5?

Eating massive amounts of junk food without gaining weight and not having to pay the electric bill

What is the best question a student has asked you?

I love it when kids ask me for writing advice. The ones who do are always so earnest and seem encouraged when you let them know that they, too, can write a book.

What is the funniest thing a student has asked you?

Not so much funny, but unusual and the first time I’ve been asked it: What are my best qualities? (For the record, I answered being punctual, organized and funny (but don’t ask my husband the same question about me. I’m not sure which of those he would agree with.)

Tell us the most creative way a school has prepared for your visit.

Wishes By Malcom Bridge Elementary in Bogart, GA
I had two recent experiences at school where the students had read WISH. At both schools, the media specialist asked the students to write one of their wishes – on post-it notes at one school and on cardboard stars at the other. It was so heartwarming to read those wishes. Many of them were funny, but some of them were quite sad, wishing for a parent to become healthy again or for parents to not have divorced. The video (below) was created at Hamilton Elementary in Cypress, TX.

About Barbara O’Connor

Barbara O’Connor is the author of award-winning novels for children, including WishHow to Steal a DogThe Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis, and The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester. Drawing on her South Carolina roots, Barbara’s books are known for their strong Southern settings and quirky characters.

In addition to six Parents Choice Awards, Barbara’s distinctions include School Library Journal Best Books, Kirkus Best Books, Bank Street College Best Books, and ALA Notables. She has had books nominated for children’s choice awards in 38 states. Barbara is a popular visiting author at schools and a frequent speaker at conferences around the country.

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