An Author Interview with @annwhitfordpaul #TransformationTuesday

Author Ann Whitford Paul 

  • What was the first book you got lost in you loved it so much?

The first kid’s book I remember reading over and over again was THE STORY OF FERDINAND by Munro Leaf.  I loved Robert Larson’s illustrations, but most of all I loved the story that taught me to follow my bliss instead of that others wanted me to do.

As an adult, I got lost in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen and have probably read it at least twenty times, always discovering some new turn of phrase that makes the rereading such a pleasure.

  • What do you miss most about being 5? 

I miss not having to be so aware of current events and the time when my world was small, just school and friends and family.

  • What is the best question a student has asked you?

Does your hand ever get tired from all your writing?

  • What is the funniest thing a student has asked you?

Do you have to be old to be a writer?

  • Tell us the most creative way a school has prepared for your visit.

I am so appreciative of teachers and librarians who read my books to the students in advance.  Frosting on the cake would include preparing questions for me and doing art projects related to my book.  Once many years ago, an after-school club sewed a quilt of all the patterns in EIGHT HANDS ROUND AND PRESENTED IT TO ME.  Wow!  That was truly the best.

About Ann Whitford Paul

Ann Whitford Paul has published over 20 picture books and is the author for adults of WRITING PICTURE BOOKS:  A Hands-on Guide from Story Creation to Publication.  Following up the success of IF ANIMALS KISSED GOOD NIGHT, FS&G will publish IF ANIMALS SAID I LOVE YOU, October 2017, IF ANIMALS SAID MERRY CHRISTMAS, Fall, 2018 and IF ANIMALS WENT TO SCHOOL, Fall, 2019.


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