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Here are some graduation memories and some great advice from author Trudi Trueit.

What do you remember most about your graduation?

I graduated among the top ten students in a class of more than 500, so I thought sitting in that first row at the graduation ceremony would be what I remembered most, but it isn’t. Now, I can’t even tell you what my grade point average was back then. What I remember most? The faces. The faces of friends, some of whom I first met in elementary school and had watched grow into amazing young adults; the faces of beloved teachers and administrators, who’d guided my education and opened so many doors for me; the faces of my family, who had nurtured and loved me through all the victories and defeats.

What advice would you give students, who are graduating this spring?

When I graduated I was so concerned about what I would “be.” What path would I follow? What would I study? What profession would I go into? And how could I “be” someone who made a difference in the world? What I’ve realized since then is that the only thing you need to “be” is yourself. Stay true to your beliefs, find your passions (and, by the way, these will change over time), and be open to all kinds of experiences. Because¬† sometimes, the best view is found when you stray from the path! Oh, and don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes, we all struggle, we all have dreams that don’t work out. Learn perseverance. Be resilient. It’s how you bounce back from those times that will define your life. And you.

About Trudi Trueit

Trudi Trueit is the author of more than 100 fiction and nonfiction books for kids. As a child, her poor vision led more than a few people to encourage her not to pursue a career in writing. She didn’t listen. Her latest novel for tweens, My Top Secrets Dares & Dont’s (Aladdin MIX), is the story of a girl who must triumph over her own fears in order to help her grandmother put her life back together. Visit Trudi’s website at www.truditrueit.com






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