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Guest Post by Author
Teresa Funke

Why are so many teachers and educators interested in writing a book someday? Is it because they’ve seen the positive influence books have on their students or because they’ve experienced the magic of reading to an enraptured group of schoolkids? Or it is because teachers tend to be curious people, and curious people make the best writers?

Author and writer’s coach Teresa Funke says that a higher-than-average percentage of her clients and workshop attendees are teachers or librarians or retirees from those fields. Many want to write for children, having seen the myriad benefits books have brought to their students. Others want to write everything from serious nonfiction to beach-read romance. And like the resourceful people they are, many want to publish their own stories.

Hoping to serve more aspiring writers, Teresa recently released her new Self-Publishing Blueprint, a powerful online learning tool that walks people step by step through the self-publishing process, using simple videos, PDFs, and worksheets. “I wanted to help new writers cut through the confusion surrounding self-publishing and help them avoid those common and costly mistakes so many of us make the first time we self-publish.”

Teresa is the successful author of six award-winning indie books based on true stories from World War II, including her Home-Front Heroes series for middle grade readers. She has also been coaching clients through the publishing process since 2005. “I poured my heart and soul into creating the Blueprint,” Teresa says, “because I wish something like this had existed when I started.”

The Blueprint is a compilation of Teresa’s best tips from 15 years of coaching, and it includes timelines, budget sheets, goal identifiers, lists of resources, and even suggestions about what services NOT to employ. And the best part is, buyers get lifetime access to the product, which means they can use it again on their next book!

Teresa is offering readers of this blog $50 off the already low price of her blueprint. Just click this link to get the 25% discount: www.spblueprint.com

Teresa knows that the hardest thing about writing and publishing a book is knowing how to do it right. And she knows that teachers, especially, like to get things right. She believes her Self-Publishing Blueprint is the only tool you will need to do just that!

Thanks for posting today, Teresa!

To learn more about Teresa and her books, visit: www.teresafunke.com



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