In Case You Haven’t Heard @olcrimson 200th @CollegeGameDay ‏Visit

Ok, I admit I might be partial. WSU holds a special place in my heart. It’s a family affair. I am the second generation of three (so far) to attend WSU. The Palouse and Pullman are something special.

Today, Coug Nation will be tuning to ESPN’s College GameDay to watch our flag make its 200th appearance. Maybe you haven’t heard the story behind Ol’ Crimson. Cougs want GameDay to come to Pullman. That is why the flag has been waving since 2003 at every College GameDay! And in that spirit, our flag will fly at every GameDay UNTIL it comes to Pullman.

Click here for the story behind Ol’ Crimson!
We promise – you don’t have to be a college football fan to appreciate the story behind the flag.

And be sure to catch College GameDay today!
Go Cougs!!


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