The newest book of the Home-Front Heroes series is available from @teresafunke!

Author and historian Teresa R. Funke has just released the newest title in her Home-Front Heroes series of books for middle-grade readers set in World War II. “War on a Sunday Morning” tells the story of a Navy officer’s daughter who witnesses the bombing of Pearl Harbor from her front yard and is quickly thrown into the fear, prejudice, and paranoia that becomes the aftermath of the attack. She finds her own courage in helping a Japanese American friend whose father has been unjustly arrested and rescuing a lost and wounded dog. Like all of Funke’s books, this story was inspired by the memories of real people, in this case two amazing citizens who lived through one of the most memorable and fateful episodes in American history.

Funke’s books are favorites among teachers and students. Visit her website to learn more about the series, access lesson plans, find AR quizzes, discover resources to help your students learn more about World War II, and peruse Funke’s Meet the Real Home-Front Heroes page to learn more about the real people on whom the stories are based.

You will also find information about Teresa’s popular school visits (in-person and via Skype).

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