@KirbyLarson #WednesdayWisdom – It’s a Busy One! Lots of Skype Visits Today!

Author Kirby Larson will be Skyping with students at Wheeling Elementary in Wheeling, WV, then with students at Sacramento Elementary in Portland, OR, and finally with Dorton Elementary in Dorton, KY. Busy day, but what fun to talk to so many different schools in one day. Inspire students – bring an author to your school! To… Read More @KirbyLarson #WednesdayWisdom – It’s a Busy One! Lots of Skype Visits Today!

An Interview with #JudySierra #DictionaryCaperBlogTour Stop #2 #SaturdayMorning

What inspired you to write The Great Dictionary Caper? An image just sort of popped into my head: a marching band made up of onomatopoeia. Words marching? What a silly idea! I’d been trying to come up with a premise for a picture book about a silly parade. Could this band be part of a… Read More An Interview with #JudySierra #DictionaryCaperBlogTour Stop #2 #SaturdayMorning