#FridayFeeling Why #AuthorVisits Are Important @NatashaWing @truditrueit @marynethery @janekurtz @janetleecarey @KirbyLarson @teresafunke

Happy Friday! We asked some of our favorite authors why author visits are important and their favorite thing about visits. Here are their answers. Natasha Wing My favorite thing about author visits is seeing the projects that classrooms made inspired by my books. So clever! Trudi Trueit Author/illustrators visits are important because children need to know… Read More #FridayFeeling Why #AuthorVisits Are Important @NatashaWing @truditrueit @marynethery @janekurtz @janetleecarey @KirbyLarson @teresafunke

We LOVE this! #ProjectNeighborly @WhatcomCountyCommunityFoundation #MondayMotivation

Way to go, Whatcom County! What a great idea – Project Neighborly! Hope everyone in your County knows about this. Especially schools in the area. What a great opportunity to apply for a grant to bring an author in for Anti-Bullying presentations! We hope this catches on in other communities. Be neighborly!! We LOVE it!!… Read More We LOVE this! #ProjectNeighborly @WhatcomCountyCommunityFoundation #MondayMotivation